Product Details

Minoca OS is an open source, general purpose operating system written from scratch. It aims to be lean, maintainable, modular, and compatible with existing software. It features a POSIX-like interface towards application software and a growing suite of popular packages already built and ready to go. On the backend, it contains a powerful driver model between device drivers and the kernel. The driver model enables drivers to be written in a forward compatible manner, so that kernel level components can be upgraded without requiring a recompilation of all device drivers.

Minoca OS changes the game for system designers building resource-constrained devices that still require high level functionality, such as multi-threading, networking, and file system support. Whether you're working on the connected home, automated factory, industrial lab, or next big wearable, Minoca OS removes the complications often associated with tailoring systems software to a new hardware project. Why waste resources hacking, slashing, and ultimately maintaining complicated kernel code as new bugs and security issues are patched? Minoca OS will handle the servicing and update pipeline for both the operating system and your applications.

Minoca OS runs on x86, ARMv6, or ARMv7 systems that contain virtual memory support and at least a few megabytes of RAM. The OS is highly scalable, so it can also run on larger machines with multiple cores and many gigabytes of RAM.

  • Minimal Footprint - Minoca OS can run comfortably in just a few megabytes of RAM and image space, leaving more resources for your application or even allowing you to reduce your hardware design requirements.
  • Portability - With SMP support for both x86 and ARM architectures, Minoca OS is suitable for both small, power-conscious, embedded devices and larger, I/O intensive instruments. The POSIX application layer enables leveraging existing industry application software, and requires little to no porting effort.
  • Fully Debuggable - Minoca OS can be debugged at the source level through the firmware, kernel, and applications. Say goodbye to tedious print-statement debugging. Not only that, the Minoca Debugger reports execution and memory profiling information in real time, allowing you to monitor exactly where resources are being spent.
  • System Support - Minoca OS is supported directly by the architects and developers that wrote the system. We're here to help you port open source packages, write device drivers, or bring Minoca OS up on a new platform.
  • Runs on x86 and ARM architectures.
  • Integrated debugger can debug full stack: firmware, boot, kernel, drivers, and apps.
  • Easy and familiar driver model means bringing up new devices and platforms is a breeze.
  • Extended POSIX interface supports most popular software packages.
  • Complete API documentation.
  • Technical support directly from the architects and developers of the system.
  • Includes drivers for many common devices.

Minoca OS is licensed to the public under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 3. Alternate licensing options are available. Contact if your company is interested in licensing Minoca OS.