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Minoca OS Community

Minoca strives to build a community of software developers around Minoca OS. Learn, develop, and discuss.

The cornerstone of the community is open source. There are three source repositories and one binary package that make up the Minoca OS ecosystem:

  • Minoca OS - This contains all of the kernel, driver, bootloader, and user mode code required to run Minoca OS. To start compiling, you'll either need to download the prebuilt toolchain below or build the toolchain from the third-party repository. The most up-to-date build instructions can be found in the project's file.
  • Third-Party - The repository contains the scripts and diffs used to build third-party packages and the toolchain for Minoca OS. This is a good place to start if you're trying to get your favorite open source package to run on Minoca OS.
  • Toolchain - This package contains the prebuilt binaries in the Minoca OS build toolchain. It is useful if you want to compile the OS without building the third-party repository. It's available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.
  • Windows Environment - If you're looking to develop on Windows, you may find this repository helpful, as it contains a native MinGW compiler, make, and other tools needed to set up a Minoca OS development environment on Windows.

Getting Started

Need to get Minoca OS up and running on your device? Or just want to take a look around using Qemu on Windows? Getting Started is the right place for you.


Head to the developer documentation page to learn about developing applications and drivers for Minoca OS. This also contains all the information necessary to debug Minoca OS - including a few fun debugging challenges you can use as a warm up.

API Reference

Every routine written for Minoca OS is documented with a general description of its purpose, details about the arguments, and information about what it returns. Yes, every routine. Check out the API Reference to browse all the routines, structures, defines, enums, and source files.

The primary Minoca OS forum is the Minoca-Dev Google Group. Start asking questions or discussing your OS area of interest by emailing Or, to browse the existing threads, visit the Google Groups forum.

For security issues that you'd rather not share publicly, please email

Submissions are welcome! Send patches to and see our Contributor Agreement page for contribution licensing details.

If you're stuck on where to start, we've got a wishlist up on GitHub.