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Meet Minoca OS

Minoca OS enables the internet of things.
A new operating system for the world of connected devices.
Minoca OS is an open-source, general purpose operating system designed specifically for feature-rich embedded devices. It's got all the high-level functionality that you've come to expect from an operating system, but offers it in a fraction of the memory footprint.
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Minoca OS enables the internet of things.

What's different about Minoca OS?

It's Modular

  • The driver API separates device drivers from the kernel, enabling driver binaries to remain compatible even when the kernel is updated.
  • Driver separation allows for automatic loading and unloading of device drivers on demand.
  • Hardware layer API allows for a single unified kernel, even on ARM. No need to maintain a separate kernel fork.

It's Lean

  • A unified power management architecture allows for smarter power management decisions, leading to better device battery life.
  • Fewer background tasks and wake-ups from idle means machines can reach deeper idle states and save even more power.
  • Minimal OS footprint, boots to a shell in 5 MB of RAM.

It's Flexible

  • It's open source. Hack, slash, and share.
  • Proprietary and non-GPL source licenses are available, keeping options open for your customers and end users.
  • Custom builds are available with support from the Minoca team. Get to market fast, and let Minoca keep your system up to date.
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